Welcome to our September newsletter It looks like we’re in for a flying start on the spring auction season this year, with some of our property markets remaining surprisingly active during the traditionally quiet winter months. This unusually high activity has been stimulated by the Reserve Bank...

Hello Fans, Followers, and Family of LMM! By now you may be familiar with my Monthly Newsletter which focuses on the latest news, trends, and happenings in the financial world. To round out the information we at LMM provide you, I’m pleased to announce “The Builder’s Blog”, LMM’s latest edition to our series of blogs! At the helm, will be Dan Coperich, a Professional Building and Development Consultant whom I’ve known and had the pleasure of working with for the past three years; providing a full suite of building and financial services to our clients. Over to you Dan! Thanks for the warm introduction Nick, and I’ll begin by saying I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share whatever information and tips I can through this blog. I’m always one to keep a positive attitude toward the market, reminding myself there are always opportunities in any climate. With interest rates stabilizing, this is a great time to step back and examine your own personal finances by meeting with your accountant, your financial planner, your partner (who may very well be your accountant and planner too!), and a certain broker who I may have mentioned at the start of all this =)
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